At First Church of God, we have unleashed a heavy emphasis on Discipleship Training (DT).  God has created each of us to be like His Son, Jesus.  Therefore, we must be relentless in training ourselves to live like Christ.  This is the discipleship process: training ourselves to live Godly, rather than simply trying to be like Christ.

Our DT process has four levels of Discipleship classes, which include weekly assignments and Bible study, accountability and more.  We also include Spiritual Gifts tests and Personality Profiles to help each student gain a better understanding of how God has shaped them for ministry.  In addition to this, we provide ministry training and leadership development so that all those serving our church in ministry can be fully equipped for service.

Here’s what some of our recent DT students have had to say about Discipleship Training:

“Since taking this class, I have definitely grown closer to God.  It has changed my life tremendously.  I can walk through my day with Him and feel better equipped to take on anything that crosses my path.  I have re-stacked my priorities; some things just are not as important as they once were.  Taking time to let God work and accepting God’s answer.  My alone time with God is very special….He has a standing appointment with me every day.”

Kim Moss