Faith Promise

The FAITH PROMISE OFFERING is a method of missionary giving by individuals or families through First Church of God.  A FAITH PROMISE is made to contribute a certain amount, either weekly or monthly, to the missionary fund of the church, over and above the usual tithe, and other offerings.   It is based upon faith and is given first, just as the tithe, trusting God for needs.  It follows the basic biblical principle of sowing and reaping, sowing always being first.  (2 Corinthians 9:6)

The Faith Promise offerings received by First Church of God helps to support the following:


The Joneses are currently serving God in the country of Bolivia.  The Nicholases are in Kenya; Laurie is a nurse and Ernie is a teacher.

Hearts to Hands

This ministry is for members of the congregation that are in need of assistance.

The Christian Soup Ministry

The Christian Soup Ministry provides meals to the less fortunate several days per week and is entirely supported by the giving of others to those in need.

First Call for Help

First Call for Help is another local service agency that is assisted by our Faith Promise giving. We assist them in helping those who have needs to order vital records, drivers licenses and photo IDs needed to assist them in obtaining employment.

Juarez Mexico Missions

For many years members of the congregation at First Church of God make the trip to Juarez, Mexico to spread fellowship and assist in much needed work for the families there. Our church members enjoy this time with the “extended” families and return each year with wonderful stories of fun and fellowship.

Community Projects

In May of 2007, the community of Greensburg, Kansas was devastated when a tornado leveled the majority of the town. The First Church of God family not only donated Faith Promise funds to this worthy cause, we also volunteered time to assist in the clean up efforts.

In November 2007, the First Church of God family again met the call for help, when they were placed with the challenge to raise food for the Reno County Area Food Bank. The church members set a goal of donating 3000 food items to the food bank, and were able to actually donate over 3200 food items.

During the summer of 2013, a group from First Church of God spent a week in Oklahoma City, assisting those affected by tornados.  Partnering with a local church there, our group worked in the kitchen, serving those who participated in the clean-up effort.