Helping Believers Worship In Spirit And in Truth

Worship is not about a service, a style or a location; it’s a lifestyle.  At FCOG, we strive to teach our people the importance of living a lifestyle of worship.  This is accomplished on a daily basis, honoring God by the way you live your life.   True worship takes place in the hearts of people, not on a stage.

God has given us the opportunity to experience worship together, in addition to our private worship.  We consider what we do onstage a bonus to what we do throughout the week.  Our goal is to help lead people into a life-changing encounter with God.  Our musical style is progressive and modern, but this is not our focus.  Our focus is on worshipping God in spirit and in truth.  This means, we are real.  What we do on stage reflects the way we are living the rest of the week.

To prepare for worship, we encourage you to follow our worship team in practicing this advice:

“Don’t try to copy a method, or even a style… just spend time in  WORSHIP…away from a platform, and allow that pathway to His throne to become well worn in secret. Then there’ll be a confidence develop in you that has nothing to do with expectation of man, or outward pressure… just lead people to the courts of the King.  Stunning…”              Darlene Zschech